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Continent of ? by TheWhiteRose000 Continent of ? by TheWhiteRose000
Honestly I haven't thought of the name of the continent yet, maybe I'll make it a kickstarter reward.
bluebooth Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I mean this in a constructive manner, but this map isn't kick-starter ready.  Not yet, at least.  You do have a number of good ideas going here for the continent.  I'd second Zerphoon's idea of cutting back on the size of the continent - this will allow you to reduce relatively empty space, and focus on the parts of your continent that are most important - the swamp/lake islands, mountainous northern country, and isolated islands.  I really like the swamp/lake islands in particular, they fit in very nicely.

The next big thing holding this map back is a lack of yellow.  There's a whole lot of luscious green, which is great, but some of the mountain chains you have set up would allow you to break up the green space with some desert, and some of the flat-lying land by water could be converted to beach.  Breaking up the large patches of similar color like that really helps to make the map more pleasing to the eye.

Looking forward to seeing your next work!
Zerphoon Featured By Owner May 31, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
a few errors I saw with the mountains where you had half peaks tiling over without the rest of the mountain. also another note while this does look very good the map is gigantic, monstrous even. I don't know what your method is for traveling across it or if it's simply a "map" to look at but if this is something the player would be traveling on I would recommend cutting it in half at the very least.
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